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The Spanish Grant Beach Homeowner's Association is dedicated to setting regulations and policies in order to maintain a consistently safe and enjoyable community. The S.G.B.H.O.A. maintains and improves the amenities of Spanish Grant Beach and coordinates with the City of Galveston for all services and public works. The board consists of five members and standing committees as needed. Currently there is an Architectural Control Committee and a Special Projects Committee. Board meetings are open to the public. The Spanish Grant Beach Homeowners' Association is a separate entity from Spanish Grant on the Bay. This includes a separate Board, Committee, Deed restrictions, and By-Laws.

If there is an emergency please call 911. It will also be helpful to call the Galveston Police Department at 409-765-3702 to report an incident. This is important as the Galveston Police Department assigns the number of police officers to a section of the city based on the call volumes. Currently the West End of Galveston has (2) officers assigned. We would like to see that number increased. If the incident includes a rental house, call the Galveston Association of Rental Managers (GARM) first. Their phone number is 409-682-3603. If backup is needed they will contact the Galveston Police Department.

The Spanish Grant Beach Board of Directors is committed to enforcing deed restrictions. Please be considerate of others in the neighborhood by keeping your property in good condition and pleasing in appearance. We all have a lot invested in our homes, and it is our duty to the community to adhere to the deed restrictions and city ordinances.

Please go to www.cityofgalveston.org for additional information and emergency notification signup.

SGBHOA Deed Restrictions & By-Laws
           Reservations and Restrictions of SGB, Section 11
           Reservations and Restrictions of SGB, Section 12
           Articles of Incorporation of SGB Civic Association
           Management Certificate SGB Civic Association
           Resolutions Establishing Building Height Rules in SGB, Sections 11 and 12
           First Amendment to Reservations & Restrictions of SGB , Sections 11 and 12

SGBHOA Guidelines & Regulations
           SGB Policy Regarding Records Retention
           SGB Resolution and Guidelines Regarding Regulations of Flag Display
           SGB Regulations of Composting, Rain Barrels, Harvesting Devices, and Irrigation Systems
           SGB Regulations of Display of Religious Items
           SGB Fencing Guidelines
           SGB Regulations of Roofing Materials
           SGB Regulations of Solar Energy Devices
           SGB Secretary's Certificate of Adoption of Resolution

Zoning Rules & Regulations for Residential Properties
     • All new construction requires approval. New home construction as well as additions,
       remodelingand fences to present homes will require a stamped city permit. Construction plans
        for the project must also be submitted to the Spanish Grant Beach architectural committee
        for approval before construction can begin.
     • All construction and remodeling requires City of Galveston Permits. The City of Galveston        requires permits for all new construction AND remodeling.
       (Click to view these documents in PDF format.)
            City of Galveston Building Permit Application
            City of Galveston Building Permit Checklist
     • All fences, including repairs/replacements require a City permit.
     • All structures must maintain the required front, side and rear yard setbacks from the        property line. Spanish Grant setbacks are different from city setbacks and will override
        (please refer to deed restrictions for your lot and section).
     • All construction south of FM 3005 requires a Beachfront Construction Certificate.
       Construction includes, but is not limited to, new structures, additions, dune walkovers,
       driveways/slabs and sand fences.

City Ordinances
     • Spanish Grant Beach is within the City of Galveston; all Galveston City ordinances apply.
     • Spanish Grant Beach streets are city streets; motor vehicles, including motor cycles, motor         scooters, three-wheelers, and golf carts must comply to City of Galveston ordinances.
     • Driving a motor vehicle on the beach is prohibited at Spanish Grant Beach by City of Galveston.
     • There is a leash law for dogs.
     • The beach on the Gulf side is alcohol free. (Galveston City Ordinance 93-45).
     • Golf carts used on any public roadway in the far west end of Galveston must be register as        slow moving motor vehicles as prescribed by law.
     • The driver of the golf cart must be a licensed driver. In addition, golf carts are subject to the        same prohibitions as regular motor vehicles with regard toareas on the beach where motor        vehicles are not allowed. The only exception made to this is in the case of a certified
       handicapped person using the golf cart as a motorized mobility device to access those
       areas of the beaches.

Hurricane Preparedness
     • June through November is hurricane season.
     • August and September are usually the busiest months for hurricane activity in Texas.
Annual Preparations
     • Make a checklist of things to be done to secure your home and property if evacuation is necessary.
     • Know where you’re going and the route to take if evacuation is necessary.
     • Have on hand the materials to secure your home if you do not have storm blinds.
     • Keep automobiles filled with gas during the storm season.
     • Check your insurance policies. Update if necessary.
When a Storm is in the Gulf
     • Store supplies of drinking water and foods that do not need to be cooked.
     • Organize important papers and items of value you want to take with you when evacuating.
     • Secure boats. Move outdoor furniture and equipment inside.
     • Obtain plastic to cover furniture indoors.
     • Take supply of needed medications with you when evacuating.
     • Get a fresh supply of batteries for radios and flashlights.
     • Obtain City of Galveston decals from City Hall for your vehicles -
       decals are required for re-entry at the causeway.
     • Make arrangements for your pets. Do not leave your pets alone or uncared for in your home.
     • Don’t wait until evacuation is necessary to board up and secure your home.
     • Monitor radio, weather stations and TV reports. KEEP INFORMED.
     • Residents who plan to trailer boats out SHOULD DO SO EARLY to help alleviate traffic jams at
        the launching ramps and during evacuation.
When Evacuation is Necessary
     • The Mayor will declare a State of Emergency.
     • Before leaving your house:
          · Clean out refrigerators and freezers. Spoiled food odors can ruin appliances.
          · Fill your bathtub or other containers with an emergency supply of water.
          · Turn off water heaters and unplug all appliances.
          · Shut off the water to your house.
          · Turn off your electricity at the breaker box and main disconnect, if you have one.
          · Shut off the gas to your house at the meter.
When You Return
     • Continue to monitor radio, weather stations and TV reports. KEEP INFORMED.
     • Proof of residency/property ownership and your City of Galveston decal will be required for
       re-entry. (A lease agreement, a utility bill showing your Galveston address, etc. may prove helpful.)        SECURITY WILL BE TIGHT. This is for the protection of you and your property.
     • Your Council, City Hall staff and Police will return to the City as soon as possible.
     • Check for information signs and directions as you return.
     • Be alert for danger from snakes, rats, broken glass, nails, etc.
     • For security reasons, a curfew will be in effect at night and will be enforced.
     • An information booth will be set up at City Hall.
     • Exercise extreme caution to prevent fires. A limited water supply could make them disastrous.

Galveston Emergency Operation Center
The City of Galveston Emergency Operation Center may be reached at 409-797-3710. The EOC is available to give information in the event of a disaster or emergency in our area. In the event that an evacuation is ordered or an emergency situation exists in our area, the EOC will implement the FIRST CALL policy. Residents will be called by the EOC automated phone system to notify of instructions to evacuate, etc.... Only Galveston numbers will be dialed. If you have an unlisted telephone number, you are encouraged to call the Galveston County EOC at 281-309-5002 to request a form to register your telephone number. This information will be input into the FIRST CALL database.

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